Time for change in Reykjavík?

Einar Þorsteinsson

May 14th the residents of Reykjavík will be given the opportunity to choose change in the city. The projects before us are many and they are urgent and they have piled up over the years.

We in Framsókn want to roll up our sleeves and get things done. That is why I ask for your support in the city council elections.

Together we can make our city even better.

Einar is in the 1st place for Framsókn in the Reykjavík city council elections.

Time for change?

Changes in housing

  • Framsókn wants a housing convention to establish a balance within the housing market. Increasing demand must be met by building more, faster, and more diverse housing. Our goal is 3000 apartments a year.
  • Framsókn wants to densify housing where the infrastructure allows in cooperation with those living in the neighborhoods. We want to develop all the city’s neighborhoods and establish a new neighborhood at Keldur.
  • Framsókn wants waiting lists for housing for people living with disabilities to be a thing of the past.
  • Framsókn wants to build more service centers for older people.
  •  Framsókn wants to increase efficiency and transparency in the city’s governance to speed up construction.

Change in transportation

  • Framsókn wants efficient and safe transport in the city regardless of the mode of transport.
  • Framsókn wants to ensure the progress of the Transport convention (Samgöngusáttmáli).
  • Framsókn wants a progressive development of public transport within the city and an efficient City Line (Borgarlína).
  • Framsókn wants a progressive development of cycling and walking paths and supports a sharing economy in transport.
  • Framsókn wants to speed up construction of Sundabraut.
  • Framsókn wants to reinstate the night bus.

Change for children

  • Framsókn wants the governance of Reykjavík to be grounded in the interests of children and increase the leisure time subsidy to ISK 75.000
  • Framsókn wants public transport to be free of charge for elementary and secondary school children.
  • Framsókn wants access to public swimming pools to be free of charge for children under the age of 18
  • Framsókn wants to improve the city’s schools by securing its foundations such as housing, pedagogy, healthy school meals and security.
  • Framsókn wants to eliminate waiting lists in kindergartens, increase flexibility in opening hours without extending the children’s school day.
  • Framsókn wants to reinforce the day-care system and offer subsidies to help bridge the gap while children are on kindergarten waiting lists.
  • Framsókn wants to implement the prosperity law (farsældarlögin) throughout the city and its institutions and ensure children’s access to early intervention.  
  • Framsókn wants to make communication between families with children and the city administration more efficient.
  • Framsókn wants a progressive development of sports facilities in all the city’s neighborhoods.
  • Framsókn wants to strengthen youth centers and youth houses throughout the city.. 

Change for the elderly

  • Framsókn wants Reykjavík to be a good place to grow old.
  • Framsókn wants to improve the driving services for the elderly.
  • Framsókn wants to increase and improve resources and support for older people so that they can live at home for as long as possible.
  • Framsókn wants to increase the number of food service options for the elderly.
  • Framsókn encourages nursing homes run by the city to adopt the ideology of the Eden policy.
  • Framsókn wants to enhance health promotion for senior citizens.
  • Framsókn wants to help elderly people improve their digital skills with an emphasis on the use of electronic IDs.

Change for the better

  • Framsókn wants to increase cooperation in the city council. We want to lead the way in establishing a trusting relationship between the people of Reykjavík and the city council through our behavior and leadership.
  • Framsókn wants to serve the people through collaboration with their wellbeing at the forefront.
  • Framsókn wants to nurture a multicultural society where people feel good and a sense of belonging in their neighborhoods as well as in the city as a whole.
  • Framsókn wants to ensure equality for all genders and a LGBTQ+ friendly city.
  • Framsókn wants to ensure the rights of people with disabilities to independent living within our society.
  • Framsókn wants to welcome refugees and help them assimilate into our community.
  • Framsókn wants to ensure resources for homeless people.

Change for the environment

  • Framsókn wants Reykjavík to be a nation leader when it comes to the circular economy.
  • Framsókn wants a clean city where paths are paved, and the streets cleared.
  • Framsókn wants urban planning to support the reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • Framsókn wants to encourage community gardens in the city’s neighborhoods.
  • Framsókn wants 15-minute neighborhoods to be the focus of urban planning.
  • Framsókn wants a carbon neutral city by 2040.
  • Framsókn wants to nurture green areas and public facilities to be improved.

Change for the labor market and employment

  • We believe that Reykjavík should be the capital of the Icelandic job market.
  • Framsókn wants to lower real estate taxes on companies and provide plots for business operations.
  • Framsókn wants to support the development and growth of the innovation and science community in Vatnsmýri.
  • Framsókn wants to support entrepreneurial, innovation and development companies working in Reykjavík.
  • Reykjavík must provide a hospitable environment for companies to thrive in the city and its administration must be efficient.
  • Framsókn wants to establish Reykjavík as a world class tourist destination.

 Changes to our security

  • Framsókn wants to increase the security of the people of Reykjavík through increased cooperation with police in our neighborhoods
  • Framsókn wants to ensure that the city center is a safe place at day and night and that the nightlife doesn’t diminish residents’ quality of life
  • Framsókn places an emphasis on the need for a strong cybersecurity protocol within the internal networks of the City of Reykjavík, especially where information about residents is processed and stored.

 Change Reykjavík City, the workplace

  • We must ensure that the City of Reykjavík is a desirable workplace.
  • Framsókn wants to strengthen leadership within the local government.
  • Framsókn wants the quality of service to the people to be prioritized and organizational structures and processes to be in accordance with modern management methods.
  • Framsókn wants to increase job satisfaction within the Reykjavík workplace and wants its employees to feel proud of their work and for that to be reflected in the quality of service to the residents of Reykjavík.

Change for the culture

  • Framsókn wants to enhance cultural projects within the city.
  • Framsókn wants to build up libraries as cultural centers in all the city’s neighborhoods.
  • Framsókn wants to promote a variety of opportunities for young people.
  • Framsókn wants to promote cultural and arts festivals in Reykjavík.
  • Framsókn wants to explore building a roof over Austurstræti, creating a fun city atmosphere all year round where restaurants can offer their services outdoors.
  • Framsókn wants to build the Icelandic Winter Sports Center in Bláfjöll.
  • Framsókn wants the Icelandic National Stadiums to be built in Reykjavík.

Who can vote and where?

Reykjavík city council elections will be held Saturday May 14th 2022. Polling places will be open between 9:00 and 22:00.

Foreign nationals are entitled to vote in the city council elections after a certain period of residence in Iceland as follows:

  • Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian nationals: If you are a registered resident in Reykjavík and you have reached the age of 18 years on election day.
  • Other foreign nationals: After three consecutive years’ legal residence. For the elections on 14 May 2022, this will mean that you must have been a resident since before 14 May 2019.

When voting for Framsókn you mark the letter B in your vote.

Further information on the right to vote, the voting procedure and other information can be found at the webpage of National Electoral Commission: https://www.stjornarradid.is/…/sveitarstjo…/information/

If you cannot vote on election day you can vote early each day until May 14th at the district commissioners’ office at Holtagarðar. Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00.

If you are not sure if you are on the electoral roll, or wish to look up where you are registered you can do that here: https://www.skra.is/…/electoral-register-and-voting…/

Don’t forget that you must confirm your identity when voting by providing an identity document (with a photograph, e.g., your passport, driving license or ID-card) or in some other way which the electoral commission considers satisfactory.